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Pyrotechnic Valves for Space Propulsion Systems

Normally open and normally closed pyrotechnic valves for propellants and pressurants.


Pyrotechnic Valve
Pyrotechnic Valve

Our pyrotechnic valves are designed for spacecraft and launch vehicle propulsion systems where a reliable 'one shot' device is needed for the permanent opening or closing of a fluid circuit.


Due to its excellent leak tightness capability prior to and after firing in combination with its low mass and simplicity, the pyrovalve represents a state of the art solution to a range of propulsion system needs.


We offer a family of Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO) pyrotechnic valves with a variety of different interfaces to fulfil specific customer needs. The available product portfolio covers screwed as well as weldable tube interfaces (1/4” and 3/8”).


All valve types are provided with redundant ESA standard initiators (squibs) which provides the energy needed for actuation.


The main function of the pyrotechnic valve is to positively open or close a fluid circuit. Moreover, as part of a propulsion subsystem they must ensure a minimal pressure drop as well as perfect external and internal leaktigthness prior to and after actuation. The latter is achieved by an all welded titanium design in combination with a flexible titanium membrane, which pysically separates the combustion chamber from the hydraulic flow section. This membrane ensures a perfect pressure tightness between the pyrotechnic chambers and the fluid circuits before, during and after the actuation. The pyrotechnic valve provides a highly reliable, fast acting, zero liquid leakage compact design at low mass. Only a small pulse of electrical power is required for valve actuation.




Integrated pyrotechnic valve
Integrated pyrotechnic valve




Pyrotechnic Valve Characteristics
Redundant ESA Standard
All-welded Titanium
Fluid Compatibility
Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, MON, MMH, Hydrazine, Deionised Water, IPA, Xenon
Op Temperature
-105°C ≤ T ≤ 100°C
Response Time
< 7ms (mechanical)
< 0.160 kg
Proof pressure
310 bar
Burst pressure
- Normally Open

- Normally Closed

> 1600 bar (measured value, pre-firing)
> 1240 bar (measured value, post-firing)
> 1600 bar (measured value, pre-firing)
> 1240 bar (measured value, post-firing)
- Normally Open

- Normally Closed

Internal leak after firing: < 1x10-6 scc/s (GHe)
External leak before/after firing: < 1x10-6 scc/s (GHe)
Internal leak before firing: < 1x10-6 scc/s (GHe)
External leak before/after firing: < 1x10-6 scc/s (GHe)
Sinusoidal Vibration
Up to 60 g
Random Vibration
Up to 3 g²/Hz (34g RMS)
Pyrotechnic Shock
Up to 6200 g
All European




To date, over 1200 units have been delivered to leading satellite manufacturers of which over 500 units have flown and operated flawlessly with 100% success.


Pyrotechnic valve production stability is continuously monitored and verified throughout specific Destructive Lot Acceptance Test (DLAT) campaigns. Moreover, more than 200 units have been successfully actuated during extensive DLAT testing including vibration and shock testing, low and high temperature firings as well as under and over firing charge testing.

Fluidic Equipment Brochure (pdf)
Fluidic Equipment
(PDF Brochure)

Fluidic Equipment Brochure  (pdf)

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