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Bipropellant Thrusters

Thrusters for satellites, space probes, spacecraft and orbital transfer vehicles.

22 N bipropellant thruster

For over 40 years, our bipropellant thrusters have been used for a diverse range of mission, including attitude, trajectory, manoeuvring and orbit control of large satellites and spacecraft, deep space probes and the apogee orbit injection of geostationary satellites.

Thrust Range

Our standard range includes the 4 N, 10 N and 22 N thruster. Bipropellant thruster of 400 N and greater are shown in the Apogee Motor section.


The 'work horse' thruster specified for most applications is the 10 N model. The 22 N thruster is designed for both long term steady state and pulse mode operation.

Materials and Durability

Our complete range of bipropellant thrusters have their combustion chamber and nozzle throat manufactured from a heat and oxidation resistant platinum alloy. This enables longer life and higher operating temperatures to maximise thruster performance. In addition, the use of this alloy avoids the need for surface coatings. The uncoated surfaces are absolutely resistant against oxidation and are invulnerable to the use of test sensors and pulse mode cycling.

Systems Flow Rate Calibration

All bipropellant thrusters are provided with trimming orifices upstream of the propellant control valves. This feature allows for individual adjustment of the propellant flow rate according to the systems design pressure.

Thruster Variants

Our bipropellant thrusters are available in at least two variant types to more closely match the specified application and customer requirements. For example, a choice of two types of flow control valve:


  • a single seat, monostable, torque motor valve, or

  • a dual seat valve, which is a combined unit of two single seat torque motor valves configured in series by way of an upstream latch valve and a downstream monostable valve.


Both of the above thruster types have identical performance.

Fulfillment of Requirements

Thruster assembly
Thruster Assembly

Our bipropellant engines and thrusters are designed and tailored to fulfil all the requirements for orbital satellites or deep space probes, including orbit injection and all manoeuvres required to maintain a stable orbit and attitude throughout the spacecraft's operating service life.

Hardware Supply

We supply from thruster component level and thrusters through to heat shields, support structure kits and complete propulsion systems for satellites, spacecraft, orbital platforms, interplanetary probes, deep space missions and man-rated systems.

Thruster Availability

We produce over 200 thrusters per year for international spacecraft and satellite propulsion systems. Thrusters in high demand are economically produced on a serial like production and are therefore readily available, subject to customer specific requirements. Thrusters with less demand are made to order.


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