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Propellant Tanks

Bladder Tanks
- 58 Litre Hydrazine
Spin Stabilised Tanks
- 218 Litre Hydrazine
Surface Tension Tanks
- 104 Litre Hydrazine
- 176 Litre Hydrazine
- 177 Litre Hydrazine
- 198 Litre Hydrazine
- 235 Litre MON/MMH
- 282 Litre MON/MMH
- 331 Litre MON/MMH
- 700 to 1108 Litre MON/MMH
- 745 Litre MON/MMH
- 651 Litre MON/MMH
- 769 Litre MON/MMH
- 1207 Litre MON/MMH
- 1309 to 1450 Litre MON/MMH
- 750 Litre PMD

Propellant Management Device

Space qualified propellant management device for spacecraft propellant tank applications.

Titanium propellant management device, typically used within the bipropellant tanks of the Automated Transfer Vehicle.



Propellant Management Device: Model PMD 41/0
Propellants MON, MMH
Mass 11 kg
Pressurant gas Helium or nitrogen
Function To deliver gas free propellant at flow rates of up to 490 cm/s in acceleration environment of up to 0.6 m/s²
- PMD Ti6Al4V (3.7164.1)
- screens 304L (1.4306)
The PMD is designed to interface with a spherical tank shell of 1174 mm diameter (750 litre)
Heritage Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)
Propellant management device.

Propellant Management Device
(Automated Transfer Vehicle)




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