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Propellant Tanks

Bladder Tanks
- 58 Litre Hydrazine
Spin Stabilised Tanks
- 218 Litre Hydrazine
Surface Tension Tanks
- 104 Litre Hydrazine
- 176 Litre Hydrazine
- 177 Litre Hydrazine
- 198 Litre Hydrazine
- 235 Litre MON/MMH
- 282 Litre MON/MMH
- 331 Litre MON/MMH
- 700 to 1108 Litre MON/MMH
- 745 Litre MON/MMH
- 651 Litre MON/MMH
- 769 Litre MON/MMH
- 1207 Litre MON/MMH
- 1309 to 1450 Litre MON/MMH
- 750 Litre PMD

Spacecraft Propellant Tank Manufacturing

Bremen production centre for spacecraft propellant tanks and associated components.

Propellant tank selection. Propellant Tanks

Located in Bremen, North Germany, ASL's Production Centre for propellant tanks and related components is an organisational part of the Lampoldshausen Propulsion Centre.


For over 40 years, the Propulsion division in Bremen has been producing propellant tanks for scientific and commercial satellites, orbital platforms, space probes, interplanetary spacecraft, launch vehicle roll control systems and upper stage attitude and orbital control systems.


The Bremen facility is also well know for the integration of ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle, booster integration of the Ariane launcher, upper stage integration of the bipropellant and cryogenic upper stages of Ariane 5, Rokot launch vehicle services, as well as integration of Europe's first manned spacecraft 'Spacelab'.


Today, the Bremen Production Centre is the European market leader for the design, manufacturing and supply of a diverse range of spacecraft propellant tanks, propellant management and acquisition devices and all tank related components and services. Propellant tank capacities range from 58 litres to over 1000 litres


The different types of propellant tank produced at the Bremen facility includes surface tension propellant tanks, diaphragm / bladder tanks, propellant tanks for spin stabilised spacecraft and high pressure tanks.


Tank geometry may be adapted according to the required propellant mass and volume available for accommodation. Typical tank geometries are spherical and cylindrical with either hemispherical or Cassini shaped domes.



Bremen production centre for propellant tanks
Bremen Production Centre for Propellant Tanks
Explosion Protected Leak Test Facility.
Explosion Protected Leak Test Facility


Ultrasonic inspection (NDI) of propellant tank. Ultrasonic inspection (NDI) of propellant tank
Propellant tank electron beam welding facility. Propellant tank electron beam welding facility
Preparation of propellant tank for electron beam welding. Preparation of propellant tank for electron beam welding
Propellant tank functional testing. Propellant tank functional testing
Assembly of propellant management device. Assembly of propellant management device



Electron Beam Welding Facilities


Electron Beam Welding Chamber. Electron Beam Welding Chamber
Volume: 32 m³. Power: 15 kW
Electron Beam Welding Chamber. Electron Beam Welding Chamber
Volume: 1 m³. Power: 7kW



Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding Facilities


Manual TIG welding. Manual TIG Welding
Manual TIG welding. Manual TIG Welding


Orbital TIG welding. Orbital TIG Welding
Automated TIG welding. Automated TIG Welding



Clean Room Facilities


  • Clean rooms class 100.000, 10.000 and 1.000 according to US Fed. Std. 209 with controlled environment, more than 400 m².
  • High precision cleaning benches. Cleanliness verification by particle counting and filter analysis.
  • Crane for assembly of large structural parts.


Cleanroom Class 1000, 20 m2, vertical air flow Clean Room Class 1000, 20 m², vertical air flow
Cleanroom Class 100.000, 300 m2, horizontal air flow Clean Room Class 100.000, 300 m², horizontal air flow



Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Facilities


Co-ordinate Measurement Machine Co-ordinate Measurement Machine
Automated Ultrasonic Inspection. Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
Automated Eddy Current Inspection. Automated Eddy Current Inspection


Fluorescent Inspection. Fluorescent Inspection, also acc. NASA Special Level
X-Ray Inspection X-Ray Inspection



Pressure Test Facilities


Fluorescent Inspection. Computer Integrated Test and Inspection System (CITIS)
X-Ray Inspection Proof Test Bunker



Propellant Tank Brochure (PDF)

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