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RESUS Submarine Rescue System - Electrical Systems Installation

Electrical system schematic of RESUS sub-systems located in the pressure hull and main ballast tanks.

The Control and Test Unit (CTU) as well as the Remote Starting Devices (RSD) and the Diving Depth Measuring Device (DDMD) are located in the pressure hull of the submarine whereas the Cable Distributors (CD) and the Gas Generators are located in the main ballast tank (MBT).


The gas generators are actuated from the CTU by an electric pulse via cable connection. Once the gas generators have been actuated, it is impossible to interrupt the process.


Depending on the diving depth, the DDMD provides automatic selection of the number of gas generators to be actuated. The CTU storage battery is continuously recharged from the submarine's power supply system.




Pressure Hull

Components in Pressure Hull
EnlargeComponents in Pressure Hull
Main Ballast Tanks

Components in Main Ballast Tanks
EnlargeComponents in Main Ballast Tanks