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Spacecraft Propulsion Heritage

An online catalogue of spacecraft propulsion systems from 1969 to the present time.

For over 50 years, the Lampoldshausen team at Airbus Safran Launchers have been supplying propulsion systems, subsystems and components in support of hundreds of major international spacecraft. The Lampoldshausen centre supplies everything from thrusters, liquid apogee engines, propellant tanks and valves, through to complete propulsion systems using hydrazine and bipropellant combinations.


Propulsion systems and hardware from Lampoldshausen are typically used for orbital and interplanetary spacecraft. This same hardware is also used for the attitude and roll control of the Ariane 5 launcher during its ascent, as well as for the injection of Ariane 5 spacecraft into their initial orbits. More recently, propulsion expertise from Lampoldshausen has been successfully applied to the Ariane Transfer Vehicle (ATV), for the automatic resupply of logistics to the International Space Station.

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Heritage Catalogue

The Spacecraft Propulsion Heritage Catalogue provides an insight into the propulsion systems and components supplied to our customers since before 1969 to the present time. Each page of the catalogue is dedicated to a specific spacecraft and its propulsion system, or hardware supplied by the Lampoldshausen Centre. An alphabetical index of spacecraft, as well as launch year index, is provided for quick access to spacecraft of interest and can be found in the left hand navigation column.

Viewing the Online Heritage Catalogue

The Heritage Catalogue can be viewed as an online slide show. Before viewing the slide show, you may find the following notes helpful:


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The Heritage Catalogue comprises around 334 pages. The slide show will start automatically when one of its pages is opened. The duration of each slide is around 8 seconds before moving to the next slide in sequence. When the slide show is running you can pause at any page by clicking on the 'Stop' button in the left hand column.


The uninterrupted duration of the complete slide show is around 45 minutes.


Slide Show Operation
The slide show needs a harmless script to run for full operation and control. Depending on your browser, you may find that the script is blocked from running. In this case it is safe to allow the blocked content.


Each page of the slide show has a controller in the left hand navigation column, with Start, Stop, Previous and Next buttons. As with this page, you'll also find links in the left hand navigation column to an Alphabetical Index of Spacecraft, as well as a Launch Year Index. These index pages are helpful if you want to retrieve quickly information on a specific spacecraft.


Page Transitions
If you wish to view the slide show with page transitions (Fades in and out between slides), then you will need to use Internet Explorer.