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Amos 1 / 1996 - 030B

Spacecraft propulsion supplied by ArianeGroup

Amos 1 / 1996 - 030B
Amos logo
Amos 1
Category Commercial Telecom
Operator Spacecom
Orbit GEO
Sat position 4° W
Launch date 16.5.1996
Launch mass 943 kg
Design life 10 years
Launcher Ariane 44L
Satellite / Bus -
Manufacturer Israel Aircraft Industry


Orbital Propulsion Centre Contribution
Subsystem responsibility:
bullet 1 x 400 N N2O4 / MMH thruster, S400-01
bullet 14 x 10 N N2O4 / MMH thruster, S10-13
bullet 2 x surface-tension tank, OST 21/0
bullet Fill & Drain valves
bullet Propellant loading in Kourou
400 N bipropellant thruster
Propellant tank OST-21 Bipropellant thruster S10-13


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