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Space propulsion past, present and future.


Hot fire testing of the ATV rocket engines.

ATV Hot Firing Test
Testing of the 490 N main navigation engines and 220 N attitude control and braking thrusters at the Lampoldshausen Facility.

Thruster testing in the P1.6 test stand

Thruster Hot Firing Test
Preparation and test at Lampoldshausen's P1.6 test stand.

Hot fire testing of a variety of rocket engines at Astrium's Lampoldshausen facility.

Rocket Engine Testing
The Lampoldshausen Centre provides a range of test stands for small hydrazine and bipropellant thrusters through to large cryogenic rocket engines and complete propulsion systems.

Galileo global navigation satellite system

ESA Galileo
Controlled by thrust from Lampoldshausen, Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system.


Lampoldshausen also supplied the propulsion system for NASA's Galileo interplanetary spacecraft - see NASA/JPL below.

Galileo interplanetary spacecraft.

NASA/JPL GalileoEnglish
After having traveled just over 4.6 billion kilometres during its 14 year mission, The Galileo mission was hailed as a tremendous success. As NASA's major international partner, The German Space Agency (DLR) provided Galileo's propulsion system which was designed and built by the Lampoldshausen facility of Airbus Space Systems. Movie Courtesy NASA/JPL


TerraSAR-X provides high-quality X-band SAR data for a variety of commercial and scientific applications.

The TerraSAR-X Reaction Control System was designed, developed and produced by the Lampoldshausen team.


The Lampoldshausen facility provides Launch Support services for Eurockot, at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia, as well as major international launch sites around the world.


Future prospects in space transport through reusable launch systems.

Astrium rockets into space tourism with a revolutionary space jet.

Space Plane
In 2007, Astrium unveiled its project for a suborbital aircraft, the Space plane, and began working on the design. That year, a full scale mock-up of the vehicle was exhibited at the Paris Air Show (Le Bourget).

Space film.

Space film
Projects, highlights and visions of Airbus Safran Launchers.

International Space Station.

International Space StationEnglish
Airbus Safran Launchers is leading Europe's contribution to the ISS as prime contractor to ESA.