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Valves for Spacecraft Propulsion Systems

Valves for the fill, drain, isolation, control and regulation of propellants and pressurants.

To assure the highest possible quality, reliability and performance of our spacecraft propulsion systems and thrusters, we design, develop and produce our own valves for the control of propellants and pressurant's. These space qualified valves, proven over again in major international programmes, are available separately from our Lampoldshausen facility for use in our customers own propulsion systems.


The range of valves available include:

  • Propellant flow control valves for monopropellant and bipropellant thrusters.
  • Low flow latch valves.
  • High flow latch valves.
  • Pyrotechnic valves.
  • Pressure regulators.
  • Fill, drain and vent valves for gases and propellants.


Most of out valves are readily available off-the-shelf whilst others may be tailored specifically to customer requirements.

More Valves

The Ottobrunn facility produces cryogenic valves for launch vehicle propulsion systems and rocket engines, as well as a superfluid helium valve for spacecraft.


Spacecraft Propulsion Valves Brochure (PDF)

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