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Overview of the services provided by the Lampoldshausen Centre in the field of propellant supply.

Propellant Transport Containers. Propellant Transport Containers

Airbus Safran Launchers, Lampoldshausen is located within the European test site for rocket engines, thrusters, propulsion systems and sub-systems. Here, we are responsible for the management, maintenance and operations of the test facilities and various test stands. An important aspect of this responsibility is the preparation, treatment, containment, movement, handling and transfer of propellants under highly controlled and safe conditions.


Our expertise and active involvement in propellant management, handling and fuelling operations is also used to support the operations of our international customers. For example, the shipping of propellants to our customer facilities where dedicated members of our team manage every aspect of spacecraft fuelling operations and launch support.


We offer satellite manufacturers and prime contractors of launch
vehicles unique solutions in the market by:


  • Engineering, realisation and certification of ground support equipment (loading carts, propellant transport containers, etc).
  • Purifying Hydrazine to ultra high purity grade.
  • Treatment of N2O4 to MON1 and MON3.
  • De-gassing or saturation of propellants as well as:
  • Delivering propellants worldwide.

Catalogue of Propellants

Airbus Space Systems is able to deliver to its customers the following propellants:
Bullet. MMH-Monomethyl Hydrazine.
Bullet. UDMH-Asymmetric Dimethylhydrazine.
Bullet. N2H4 - Hydrazine.
Bullet. NTO- Nitrogen Tetroxide.

Bullet. Xenon.


The catalogue of propellants are prepared in accordance with the following specifications:
Bullet. MMH: MIL-PRF-27404C 01.10.1997,
Bullet. UDMH: MIL-PRF-25604E 01.10.1997
Bullet. Hydrazine: MIL-PRF-26536E Amendment 1 10.01.2000
Bullet. NTO: MIL-PRF-26539F 17.04.2006
The feasibility for other specifications can be verified.

Chemical Laboratory

The Lampoldshausen facility is equipped with a chemical laboratory with state of the art equipment. The main activities conducted in the laboratory are:
Bullet. Incoming and outgoing inspection (according to specification) of all propellants.
Bullet. Hardware immersion tests.

Propellant Transport Containers

In order to delivery the requested volume and quality of propellant to our customers, Airbus Safran Launchers is equipped with propellant transport containers having capacities ranging from 250 to 4000 litres. All tanks comply with European safety standards. In addition to the delivery of propellants, we also supply propellant transport containers as stand alone items to our customers.

Special Customer Requests

Airbus Safran Launchers is able to respond to specific customer requests, as it was in the case of one of our most challenging projects VEGA AVUM. For this project, a special degassing procedure and degassing unit has been designed and manufactured.


Environmental protection is an integral part of our company policy. Since 2006, all Airbus Safran Launchers facilities have been certified with the ISO 14001 certificate. The company has an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place to ensure the highest environmental standards. Airbus Safran Launchers is also ISO9001 certified which accredits our Quality standards.