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Spacecraft Launch Support Services

Spacecraft check-out, propellant and pressurant loading, propulsion system testing, leak detection and emergency de-tanking.

Satellite Launch Support. Satellite Launch Support

Since 1972, the Lampoldshausen specialists have been providing spacecraft launch support services, with 100% success at major international launch sites, including:


Bullet. Baikonour

Bullet. Florida, Sea Launch California

Bullet. Kennedy Space Center

Bullet. Kourou

Bullet. Plesetzk

Bullet. Vandenberg

Bullet. Xi Chang

Bullet. Yazni

Bullet. Shehnai


Based on our experience of all major space ports for launch vehicles, we are able to offer:


Bullet. Safety surveys of launch sites.

Bullet. Worldwide fuelling of spacecraft (PMD, bladder and membrane tanks) as well as launch vehicle upper stages.

Bullet. Our expertise and active involvement in propellant management, handling and fuelling operations is utilised to support our international customers.


Our team permanently participates in safety training and health checks. With the support of back-up staff, we can ensure a maximum of reliability and safety for all spacecraft loading activities.


Our launch support experience is based on numerous campaigns, mainly associated with monopropellant and bipropellant satellite propulsion systems.


Launch support teams are supported by all the necessary resources and facilities from Europe's leading experts in spacecraft propulsion systems, monopropellant and bipropellant thrusters.




Launch support space ports.

Launch support space ports



Launch Support Services

Satellite Propellant Loading. Satellite Propellant Loading

Typical launch support services include:

  • Satellite check-out.
  • Propellant and pressurant loading.
  • Emergency de-tanking.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Transducer testing.
  • Leak detection.
  • Consultancy on all aspects of launch support.

Launch Support Equipment and Facilities

Every resource is available to support our launch support services, including:


  • Ground Support Equipment.
  • Personal safety equipment.
  • Propellant supply and containers.

ATV Launch Support

A major launch support project is propellant loading of the Automated Transfer Vehicle. The service includes:
Bullet. Propellant degassing for the Russian Fuelling System (RFS).
Bullet. Loading of NTO and UDMH into the RFS propellant tanks.
Bullet. Loading of MON3 and MMH into the propulsion reboost sub-system propellant tanks.
Bullet. Decontamination of all equipment.


ATVl aunch support team at Kourou space port. ATV Launch Support Team at Kourou Space Port