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Space Propulsion Test Facility - Design and Engineering

Liquid propulsion test facility design engineering and manufacturing services at Airbus Safran Launchers, Lampoldshausen.

The Lampoldshausen services team are the European leaders in the innovative design, engineering and manufacturing of propulsion test facilities for both Airbus Safran Launchers projects and external customers and partners world wide.


Test facilities are custom designed and engineered for specific test articles such as liquid propellant rocket engines, thrusters and complete propulsion systems. Typical activities performed by the services team include:


  • Elaboration of test facilities from concept to detailed design.
  • Adaptation of existing test facilities.
  • Manufacturing of new test facilities.


The Lampoldshausen test facility experience covers earth storable propellants, cryogenic propellants and LOX/HC, within the thrust range 0.5 - 1000 kN. Typical support services include:


  • Feed system simulation/calculation.
  • Fluid component design.
  • Facility acceptance and documentation.
  • Design of measurement and control systems.
  • Safety analysis (FMECA).
  • Consultancy and support during manufacturing, assembly, integration and test.



Digital mock-up for the design of a cryogenic propellant test facility.Digital mock-up for the design of a
cryogenic propellant test facility
Layout for a cryogenic test facility.
Layout for a cryogenic test facility

Sea level test facility design for a

Sea level test facility design for a
high pressure bi-propellant application